As a beta test for November’s (semi)serious CS:GO tournament, we worried that October’s event would feature more tweaking of setting than pulling of triggers. Luckily it all came together relatively quickly and very successfully. A significant amount of prep by Ben, Rob and Jase meant that the iMac’s were in place with software installed ready for the crowd to show up, while some stern faced hackery from Rob soon had GESA’s very own local CS:GO server purring and then the games began.

Once the gaming was underway the issues came only from the imbalance in experience. The large number of first timers (thanks you Dan and his students) obviously hadn’t read the memo and had actually played the game before showing up, putting the GESA team and some of our regulars at a distinct disadvantage. Some might call it cheating, although we couldn’t find any section of the regulations outlawing practicing so we had to let it slide.

Away from the PC’s, the Switch continues to be a big draw with Mario Kart and Overcooked providing opportunities for competitive and collaborative gaming, while at the other end a low budget driving setup and Forza 5 on the Xbox one gave those who wanted to the chance to be a Star in a reasonably priced car on Top Gear’s test track.

We continue to learn from these events and next month is going to the first major test of what we’ve found out so far. Unfortunately, we keep on failing to learn one important lesson that impacts us every month. Therefore, next month, we will look to order the pizza a lot earlier on.

A great evening was had by all and the continual flow of first timers along with those who keep turning up month after month shows how much interest there is in this type of event and has increased our determination to continue growing GESA and putting on more events. We thank everyone for their support so far and look forward to seeing you all there next month.

PS. The 18th November is GG4G 24 hour gaming marathon at the Greenhouse. We are all hoping to pop in at some point during the weekend and hope that you can all turn out to support this great event.

PPS, Dave did nothing at all to embarrass himself or annoy us, and therefore he has been released from the dog house on probation.