For our second tournament we decided to up the numbers and also the complexity with an 8 team 2v2 Rocket League knockout tournament run on networked Xbox Ones.

Along with the magnificent 7 from the first event, we were joined by 10 new faces including our new friends from Guernsey Gamers for Good (GG4G). Dave Wratten also decided to grace us with his presence, but it was agreed that he should remain in the dog house for the foreseeable future.

After 30 minutes of technical issues we decided that running it with 4 players on 1 box was a much simpler proposition and soon we were off to the races. Team were drawn at random and everyone had a great time getting to know not just the game but also their teammates and competitors.

Alex and Jim ended up as dominant winners showing the benefit of having played the game at least once before. As well as having a great time we learnt a lot about organising and running these events.

The big revelation of the event however happened once the tournament was over. As the event was winding down we had a quick scroll through the games on the device coming across “Runbow which none of us had played before. The thought of a 7 player (limited by the number of controllers we had) competitive 2D platform game piqued our interest and very soon we were running, jumping, punch and laughing our way through the mayhem. Although this will probably never make it as a tournament game, it is destined to become a casual favourite, and also a reason to buy 2 more controllers to to increase the number of players to 9.