Find out more about what's happening in Guernsey eSports

The Guernsey E-Sports Association was founded in June 2017 with a goal of promoting and supporting E-Sports in Guernsey and further afield. We believe there is a place in E-Sports for casual players as well as competitive matches. Therefore were are looking to facilitate events ranging from casual gaming meetups through to top level tournaments.

We want E-Sports to be open to all and are committed to keeping attendees costs to a minimum and welcoming players of all levels from absolute beginners through to seasoned keyboard jockeys.

Over the next year we are looking to create regular gaming events building up to an inter-insular against Jersey, in quarter 3 of 2018. Our long term goals include organising the first E-Sports Island Games to be run alongside the Guernsey Island games in 2021.

We value input from anyone interested and would love to see you at one of our upcoming events.